Grounding?! What’s grounding you’re wondering? Grounding is when you actually feel your feet as you walk, when you feel your body as your sitting, and actually tasting your food as your eating.


Most of us walk or run through everyday life as if we’re in a marathon and trying to beat a record each day. We tend to forget things, drop things, run into things and feel like we get run over by a mack truck when we finally sit down or crawl into bed.


This powerful yet gentle meditation will gently ease you back into your body, relax your mind, and assist you in finding your inner peace again. Perhaps even assist you to sleep each night. Take 20 minutes to reconnect with yourself and become grounded and more productive again. Self-care is not selfish, you cannot serve from an empty vessel.


Enjoy and breathe…


Many of us are searching for and seeking love, the right love, our soulmate and more happiness but don’t realize that we really are not open to receive love or even have room in our hearts for love.


This gentle cleansing, clearing and heart opening meditation will bring awareness to your heart and slowly begin to empty out all the hurts and wounds of the past to make room for new love and goodness. There are several minutes of silence on this CD allow yourself to go deep within to find the answers you’re seeking and to reconnect with your heart again to really feel what it’s been trying to tell you.


Breathe and be at peace…


essential oils on a tray with candles and a flower

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