Shamanic Journey

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     This process will help one to heal spiritually, emotionally, and physically. After a journey one may feel a feeling of great peace, inner joy, relaxation, clarity, a clearer connection to all of life and a better understanding of oneself.    

Journeying, like meditation, is a tool for spiritual growth. It is also a tool that can be used for healing, obtaining information, and working through psychological issues. Psychologically some people use the journey to work through emotional issues or trauma. In current or past lifetimes, we may have suffered emotional or physical trauma and our energy field shatters or parts of our soul become stuck. During a journey a soul retrieval, a soul extraction or a past life regression may happen to restore the shattered or stuck energy. This process will help one to heal spiritually, emotionally, and physically. After a journey one may feel a feeling of great peace, inner joy, relaxation, clarity, a clearer connection to all of life and a better understanding of oneself. 


Shamanic journey’s are extremely helpful for animals with separation anxiety, emotional trauma’s, skiddish animals, fears, behavior issues, and anything else that one’s animal friend may need that training or communication is not helping with. Animals tend to open up much quicker and move through their emotional blockages much easier than humans. Sometimes the issues can be released by the animal by the first session or they may need a few more to help release the layers of past lives and trauma’s. Also, by having a shamanic journey facilitated for your animal companion who is getting ready to transition into the spirit realm, can assist them on releasing any issues that are unresolved so they don’t have to carry them forward into their next life.


The protocol for a shamanic journey for a human or animal friend is to first set-up an intuitive reading, which is also a separate payment, to see what other underlying issues may be causing this seen trait, characteristic, wound, program, behavioral issue etc… Stacy will read what is coming up around, within, the situation or issues triggering a current problem, sometimes known or unknown seen or unseen, in the present moment. Readings gentle peel away the layers of issues and shamanic journey can go through chunks of issues in a non-invasive or painful way so one does not have to relive that trauma again. Sometimes months or years of therapy on a topic can be healed in a shamanic journey so it stops that viscous cycle and pattern. A very powerful and healing experience!


Protocol:  If youre a brand new client with Stacy, the next necessary step is to please set-up an intuitive reading first and then Stacy will guide you from there. Clients that have worked with Stacy within 6 months are able to begin the journey process. 


You will need to be at home and at a place to laydown with your hands resting at your sides where you won’t be disturbed.  Please plan to do nothing after your appointment but rest, relax, journal and just allow the energy to process at home.  That means no shopping, malls, restaurants, or hanging with friends. This is very important to follow!


Please plan accordingly.  Thank you!

Please Note:
Services/Classes are designed to compliment, not substitute for, medical or veterinary care. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will not be refunded unless the spot can be filled as stated in the policy and guidelines.

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Stacy has great intuition for both animals & people. She's excellent at evaluating what the situation is & what it requires to get better. I would hire her &/or work with her anytime.

- Laura C.

Animals have souls no less than their humans. Stacy's readings help open all — humans, cats, dogs, birds — of our souls to each other, to understanding and love, and all are so much better off for it!

- Fred L.

Stacy is amazing and she's helped us more than once. She's an intuitive, a healer, and more. She told me Mitzy liked it when Michael sang to her. I was oblivious that Michael sang to Mitz…until Stacy mentioned it. And Mike does makeup songs and sing to Mitzy all the time. We lost Mitzy in June.

- Anne W.

Working with Stacy has helped me better understand the need of my precious pups. She has given me information about my dogs' cares, wishes, and needs that only my dogs and I would know. As two of my dogs are very elderly and have severe health issues, she is helping me help them to make their later years the best as can be for them. She's terrific!

- Carol Y.

Stacy is the real deal. I wouldn't have believed it until we experienced her animal communication skills first hand. She has assisted us more than once and we treasure knowing someone as honest as her.

- Paul D.

I have taken many of the classes Stacy offers. She teaches in a comfortable setting with a smaller number of students giving you a much more personal experience. I truly believe Stacy has changed myself and my animal companions lives for the better.

- Alison F.