What a small world

My beloved animal chiropractor, Dr. Cheryl mentioned a client of hers was trying to find this animal communicator, who was polish that she had used before, but had not been able to find her or remember her name.


Dr Cheryl said “well, is it by chance Stacy Krafczyk from WI? She is now local and lives here in San Marcos, CA!!”


What are the absolute odds of that match up?!?! LOL


Well, Today I did my first home visit, in San Marcos, since the pandemic and I had this lovely opportunity to meet them in person. They are Otterhound’s, beautiful on the inside and out. Plus, their human is AMAZING and we became fast friends, like we knew each other forever. Oh, how I’ve missed in person sessions!


The 3 pups are so special and unique in their own wars. Ozzie, Bella and the baby, Rachel. Rachel thinks quite highly of herself and felt that she was the boss, which she made crystal clear and well known. She made a quick dash to my heart too. What a love! Actually, they all did in their own way!!


I’ll share more of this fun and touching home visit in my upcoming newsletter.
Stay tuned!


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