Meditation 101

Online Meditation 

Join us for an hour of solace and peace from your own home or wherever you may be.  Taking an hour just for YOU to rejuvenate, regroup and center yourself.  You’re not any good to anyone if you don’t take care of yourself FIRST!

We’ll start the call with pulling a card for an angel deck to set the intetnion for the night and then I’ll lead you into a peaceful, guided meditation.  You can join us “live” or you may  listen to the recording at your leisure. Are you currently meditating but feel you’re not going deep enough or getting that answers you desire? Is your meditation practice getting monotonous? … Are you getting frustrated because it is too difficult to meditate by yourself and want to be part of a ‘group’ energy but don’t want to leave your house?  This online guided meditation will be PERFECT for you!

Meditation is the “key” to spiritual growth, inner awareness, psychic development, health, lower stress levels, deeper inner peace, teaches one how to handle things differently and to be in an overall state of well-being.

Meditaiton is a lifesaving and life changing tool that has transformed millions of lives, including mine.  I was in a dark place, a dark night of the soul, and meditation gave me tools I needed at that time in my life.  Plus, it was where my gifts unfolded little by little and changed my life forever in the most positive and beautiful way.  I still have life long friends from my original group of where I began.

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Online Meditation