Coaching and Mentoring

Stacy offers private 1:1 mentoring and coaching sessions catered to your specific area of need, personally and professionally. Each session specifically designed to align you with your truth, establish a practice best suited for your next chapter and giving you the best tools to support you as you continue to grow.


Areas of personal growth, expansion and empowerment.


Expand your intuitive abilities, trust yourself and deepen your connection to the divine.


 Learning how to meditate and leading you through your own private guide meditations to record and use after the session.


 Finding and using your voice: personally, professionally, at work and in relationships.


Develop your own spiritual practice that’s right for you.


Marketing and social media tools


Building your reiki practice, questions about issues you may encounter, discussion about specific cases


Animal Communication:
Mentoring, delving further into specific areas, guidance around obstacles or blockages you’ve encountered, how to grow your business or practice.


Preparation for teaching, the right tools, supporting yourself as you teach, setting up boundaries.


How to prevent burnout, honor your time, and protect your energy and your gifts.


Stacy’s passion and goal is assisting people in finding the right guidance, tools and support that will help you connect and align with your truest, most authentic part of yourself in answering your divine calling.


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Stacy has great intuition for both animals & people. She's excellent at evaluating what the situation is & what it requires to get better. I would hire her &/or work with her anytime.

- Laura C.

Animals have souls no less than their humans. Stacy's readings help open all — humans, cats, dogs, birds — of our souls to each other, to understanding and love, and all are so much better off for it!

- Fred L.

Stacy is amazing and she's helped us more than once. She's an intuitive, a healer, and more. She told me Mitzy liked it when Michael sang to her. I was oblivious that Michael sang to Mitz…until Stacy mentioned it. And Mike does makeup songs and sing to Mitzy all the time. We lost Mitzy in June.

- Anne W.

Working with Stacy has helped me better understand the need of my precious pups. She has given me information about my dogs' cares, wishes, and needs that only my dogs and I would know. As two of my dogs are very elderly and have severe health issues, she is helping me help them to make their later years the best as can be for them. She's terrific!

- Carol Y.

Stacy is the real deal. I wouldn't have believed it until we experienced her animal communication skills first hand. She has assisted us more than once and we treasure knowing someone as honest as her.

- Paul D.

I have taken many of the classes Stacy offers. She teaches in a comfortable setting with a smaller number of students giving you a much more personal experience. I truly believe Stacy has changed myself and my animal companions lives for the better.

- Alison F.