Soul Harmony Class - 4 Month Series

Are you bored and looking for something spiritually nourishing?

Do you feel depleted and stuck and looking for more light?
Are you ready to grow into your light and feel more true to yourself?
Then this class is PERFECT for you and DIVINE TIMING!!
Join us 3 hours a month for 4 months.
UNPACK your energetic baggage, lighten your load, dive deep into your gentled power, find your voice, listen to your souls calling and be your authentic, empowered self that you ARE!

  • Become unstoppable. Become your best self. Be your true self.
  • Each month is a different topic, with specific guided meditation, hand-out, book recommendation and brief discussion with a little homework to do on your own, if you chose.
    ✅ This class is a no pressure, no judgement zone. You do what you can, when you can.

  • You may join us live for class or watch the recording when it's convenient for you. Some students chose to go through the 4 months on their own and haven't joined any live classes for convenience and vulnerability purposes. Do what feels best for you.
  • There is a private Facebook group that you will be entered into for those who'd like to share stories, experiences, triumphs and be each others cheerleaders and support group.
  • It is a very safe and sacred environment to show up just as you are and allow yourself to shift through whatever feels good for you. You'll be surprised how is easy it is to do in this sacred space and how safe it is to be vulnerable and courageous as your journey unfolds.
    I look forward to having you in class soon!
    Please feel free to contact me with further questions or concerns.
    MARCH 13TH
    APRIL 17TH
    MAY 15TH
    JUNE 19TH
    The investment is YOU is $50 a month, a total of $200 if prepaid by March 7th. Otherwise it's $222 after the 7th.
    IT. IS. TIME!



Soul Harmony Class



02/19/2022 by Kris Thomas

If I do not have a Facebook account and do not want one will I be able to join the live class?

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