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1/11/2021 Meditation

A New Years magical meditation on a very special day and what a GREAT way to start of the year with a powerful and healing meditation TOGETHER!

The 1/11 magical portal is a very auspicious and powerful day to gather in unity to heighten and magnify your healing and frequency while sending out healing energy to the earth.


It’s a great time to recalibrate your energy, purge last years energy, and raise your frequency to manifest the life you desire and deserve.


As we gather in a group setting through our online Zoom meeting you will begin to feel the increased energy vibration collectively and individually. You’ll be able to go deeper in your own meditation, relish in this delicious energy and safe space to just sit and be, and all the healing energy to go where it needs to within and around you.


Class begins at 5:00pm PST, 7:00pm CST and will conclude around 7pm/9pm CST give or take.


It will be recorded and sent out afterwards to listen at your leisure.


$11.00 investment in yourself.


1/11 Meditation

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