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Stacy Krafczyk

Stacy Krafczyk is an International renowned Professional Animal Communicator Specialist, Psychic/ Medium and a Reiki Master Teacher. Stacy works with both people and animals on a physical, emotional, spiritual and mental level to help create an overall sense of well being and healing. She helps people gain unique perspectives regarding their own personal life journey, develop an understanding of the things that both help and hinder the individual in reaching their goals, and gently guides people in reaching their greatest potential.

Since childhood, Stacy had a strong bond with and passion for working with animals and it is this passion along with her exceptional talent that has propelled her into becoming one of the most accomplished and respected professionals in her field. Communicating with animals telepathically throughout her life, Stacy discovered that animals could be relieved of emotional traumas and other problems through the same counseling techniques that helped humans. The training and experience that have contributed to her success are her educational background, working at an animal shelter and an animal control facility, along with years of training and experience in human counseling, nutrition and holistic body energy balancing methods; research into animal nutrition, anatomy, behavior and care. Plus, receiving first-hand education from thousands of animals she has connected with over the years. Stacy focuses on increasing interspecies understanding, resolving behavior problems, and helping to restore overall well being.

Stacy’s work has been featured in numerous newspaper and magazine articles, blogspot radio shows, Animal Advocate TV and countless facilities throughout Wisconsin, the United States and abroad. She has developed tried and true telepathic communication techniques, which complement current scientific knowledge and traditional methods. Her lectures, workshops, and published works increase people’s abilities to understand and communicate with animals on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Stacy works throughout United States and beyond providing phone consultations, in person sessions, teaches a variety of classes and works at different venues throughout Wisconsin.


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Stacy has great intuition for both animals & people. She's excellent at evaluating what the situation is & what it requires to get better. I would hire her &/or work with her anytime.

- Laura C.

Animals have souls no less than their humans. Stacy's readings help open all — humans, cats, dogs, birds — of our souls to each other, to understanding and love, and all are so much better off for it!

- Fred L.

Stacy is amazing and she's helped us more than once. She's an intuitive, a healer, and more. She told me Mitzy liked it when Michael sang to her. I was oblivious that Michael sang to Mitz…until Stacy mentioned it. And Mike does makeup songs and sing to Mitzy all the time. We lost Mitzy in June.

- Anne W.

Working with Stacy has helped me better understand the need of my precious pups. She has given me information about my dogs' cares, wishes, and needs that only my dogs and I would know. As two of my dogs are very elderly and have severe health issues, she is helping me help them to make their later years the best as can be for them. She's terrific!

- Carol Y.

Stacy is the real deal. I wouldn't have believed it until we experienced her animal communication skills first hand. She has assisted us more than once and we treasure knowing someone as honest as her.

- Paul D.

I have taken many of the classes Stacy offers. She teaches in a comfortable setting with a smaller number of students giving you a much more personal experience. I truly believe Stacy has changed myself and my animal companions lives for the better.

- Alison F.