I love it when undeniable information comes through for the clients from their loved ones and furry friends!


On man came through with the validation of the talking fish on the wall that the woman roared with laughter because they couldn’t stand that damn thing! Then she really knew “it was for real” and that her loved one really was ok and talking. He came through with many other examples but that one stood out the most to me because of the image as well as over the last 12 years or so a talking fish never came through. Each session is always so different and unique.


One pooch came through with the validation of the collar, the box, the engraved title, where it was being placed and the tree planted in his honor.
another pup told their people while we all were together telling us where she came from, what happened to her, that they were going to Florida, about grandma and grandpa’s house, that left their family speechless, especially the human dad. I enjoy watching skepticism leave peoples faces once their animal companion starts chatting. The animal makes them a believer, not me.


Undeniable!! Sometimes people have brain farts and temporary amnesia cuz it’s so in their face and because it can be so overwhelming and such a surprise.
One lovely clients mother came through, let’s say about the “D” name. She repetitively brought up examples and specifics until almost 5 minutes in she said “that’s my mom’s name!!!” LOL


The client was so stuck on the “mom” aspect and not that name! She forgot her own mothers name began with a “D!”


I’m just the vessel and channel for spirit so when they harp on their people who have appointments their persistent until it finally clicks. Have to giggle!

Had to share!

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