Trying to forge on…

A very special thank you to Petlicious and to all the people and furry friends who came for animal communication sessions yesterday. It was a very emotional, powerful and moving day and I am honored to have been able to be participate in the goodness. It will be quite the transition for us all adjusting, shifting and processing Rebecca’s void and we’re all doing our best.


Rebecca has asked me to continue teaching and assisting her clients and I am very honored to do so. It is challenging at times and I am doing my very best to hold it together. One would think it would get easier but some days, I really struggle with it. It still seem so surreal. Losing my dear friend and mentor… but yet seeing her legacy and kindness everywhere and with everyone can be bittersweet at times. This is going to be one heck of a journey and where each day holds something new. I haven’t been posting much for sometimes I just don’t know what to say…


Thank you for giving me the opportunity and honor to continue to hold Rebecca in my daily community, personally and professionally. We’re in this together and the support and love is palpable! She’s truly a special soul and I’m so honored that she trusts me so.

Love n Hugs, Stacy

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