Tools for healing you and your animals class

We’re all in a very challenging time of our lives right now and its so important to be able to ground and center ourselves daily. Our schedules are off, our animals are in a state of disarray, our home life is rocked a little bit and we can be thrown off our center.


This class will teach you daily practices to ground and center yourself, clear and cleanse your home, balance out your animal companions, provide a safe place for you to recharge your soul and add more tools to your tool box for a safe and restored daily life.

Become EMPOWERED and take charge and control of your energy and environment.

You’ll learn valuable tools for you and your animal family that you will be able to use regularly, if not daily, in your every day life.
Some of the tools you’ll learn are:

  • How to become more ‘present’ in each moment and become aware of your energy throughout the day.
  • How to calm a stressed or anxious animal, especially if it is unusual behavior for them.
  • How to ground, clear and protect your energy, your home, family and animal companions.
  • Realize when you’ve energetically ‘attacked or depleted’ and how to properly release that energy.
  • Visualization techniques and guided imagery.
  • Music to play to calm and sooth.
  • How to protect and help your children to sleep better at night and without night terrors…
  • How to properly ‘cleanse and clear’ your home, land, barn, vehicle, childrens bedrooms etc…
  • What are crystals and how to use them, and the proper placement of them in your home and for your animals.
  • How to use crystal or tibetan singing bowls to cleanse and clear the space and animals.
  • Lastly, you’ll be guided through a brief meditation at the end to learn how to successfully clear, shield and protect your energy and space etc…

This information comes up so often in your daily life that you’ll feel so much more empowered and “safe” to walk through the world with your head held high with your animal family balanced and your loved ones protected.  It’s such a valuable tool that you’ll be surprised how often you’ll use these tools.

Class runs from 6:30-8:30pm CST, 4:30-6:30 pm PST on April 27th  and the investment is $25.
It will be recorded LIVE on Zoom and sent out afterwards for your listening pleasure and availability.

Click the link below to reserve your space. Once the payment is received you’ll be emailed the handout and the call-in information.


Thank you!



Healing Tools Class

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