This blog is about timing and how unpredictable and sometimes how just plain shitty it can be. Timing is very hard to know, predict and how accurate it may or may not be for readings and life in general!


For readings with animals and time frames, sometimes the animal may know the exact time and date it choses to exist the physical plane. Other times, not so much. They may feel great one day and say they’ll be around for another year or two then within days they choose to leave instead.


**Everything, especially timing, is based on probability and subject to change upon the animals free will, our free will, or the introductions of a new procedure, medication or treatment!!**

Animals will sometimes rally right after their companion makes the euthanasia appointment. They are on deaths door and you think the next day is the trip to the vet to say your final goodbyes. Or they had the worst day and you can’t stand to see your animal friend hurt so you call the vet to schedule an appointment then shortly after your animal friend starts eating and wanting to play. Sometimes the animal gets their last wind and get up and go just from the energy or thought of possibly leaving or having the “final day” announced or discussed. They choose to stay longer and rally to give you a good couple of days or weeks until they decide it is time for their physical departure.


Another instance is an animal friend that is in treatment, radiation, chemo, shots everyday or a long treatment schedule of a “disease” and they look at you like “please, no more, I’m done” kind of look. They’re letting you know they’re done and they’re body can no longer handle this long treatment etc… People sometimes forget that animals DO have free will and choice and will let us know when they’re ready to go. Sometimes it is challenging to hear, see or want to see that, but we will when the time is right. You will “know or feel” when it is the right time. It may be a sense, a feeling, the way your animal looks at you, or just the way it hits you in your gut that that day is the day. YOU WILL KNOW…


It is never easy to let go of our animal companions even if we know it is their time, but it is a beautiful gift to be present with our animals to assist them on their next phase of their journey. It’s as if we’re holding a very sacred space full of love and safety, at home or the vets office, in our arms on the floor or on the counter or on their favorite blanket, giving them our permission to be free of their physical body, suffering and pain. A True gift and honor to be there for our animal friends. From our point of view and pain can be very hard to see that but it truly is a gift to assist our friends on their next phase of their life in the spirit plane. They can also chose to come back in another body, called reincarnation, but that is another topic to discuss later.


I have also had animals tell me the exact day or month of their departure from the earth plane. Some animals just know and can be very specific. Where other animals have too many variables or attachments to their people to fully leave the earth. There was a horse who literally was on deaths door and knew it would only be a matter of hours until the horse would pass. Her owner asked for prayers for the horses transition etc… Well, needless to say within hours the horse was eating again, acting like it was just fine, and then wanted to be with her pasture mates. Literally, WITHIN HOURS!!


I meditated and asked the Universe what happened and I received a beautiful message. I heard “sometimes animals and people don’t know how much they are loved, or how important they are, and once they feel the overflowing amount of love and acceptance, sometimes even from complete strangers, they decide to stay.” Wow, right! Something to really chew on and marinate with! It does make sense, especially for an insecure person or animal that never felt important or loved.


Timing for humans: I’ve been told many time frames by many great psychics and teachers that have not come to fruition. It does not make them bad readers or teachers either. Sometimes that’s the most frustrating part about readings is that timing is a tough one to nail down. I’ve really thought long and hard about it, for myself especially, and what has come to me is that the Universe gives us what they think we need to know to help us to get to the next stage of our journey. To help us to be open, broaden our horizons, and to sometimes figure things out for ourselves. I have “had it out with God and the Universe” MANY times, cussing and swearing-cuz I’m human, and because I wanted it MY WAY DAMN IT! Well, we all know how that goes. LOL


Most great readers accuracy would be 80% to 20% off. NO psychic or intuitive is 100% accurate otherwise they’d be millionaires themselves, a guru or prophet, and wouldn’t live much longer on the earth because they would have nothing left to learn themselves. We’re all hear to learn, heal, grow and assist others and if we conquer or know everything then our mission is complete here on earth…


My 97 year old Grandmother has been close MANY TIMES to heavens gate and she has rallied and pulled through each time. As psychic as I am it is sometimes too close for me to know because how close I am to my Grama. Other readers and psychics also tried to predict or feel how long she would live because they were guided so. I believe it was a nudge and preparation on a deep soul level to be fully aware and present to enjoy my time with her until she passes. AS of today July 2015 she is alive and well, yet still aging, but know her time here is short.




Sit gently with that and trust the Universe is magically guiding you and your animals friends. You are safe, you are loved, and you are IMPORTANT!




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