The Saltroom Therapy in Pewaukee

It is NO Fun being sick much less having to get caught up with work etc… I did go to the saltroom in Pewaukee 2x’s this week to help move through this bug quicker, which did seem to help. My sinuses cleared instantly.


Tamra who owns and runs the Salesroom is very lovely, kind, and knowledgeable with great juju! I highly recommend it!


It is $20 for the first visit and $35 each trip afterwards unless you buy a package or monthly membership. Each session is 45 minutes long.

She gives you a light blanket to cover yourself because you do get a lil dusty. You take off your shoes and jacket outside the room, lock valuables in the lockers provided. You may take your cellphone in there and you’ll be given a plastic bag to put it to keep it dust free.


Your nose my run or you may cough as you cleanse your system. I coughed like 10 times my first time and only 2x’s on my 2nd visit.

There are 2 salt rooms. 1 with 4 chairs and the other with 6 chairs and were children are allowed too.


Also, there is an infrared therapy with I’m definitely trying on my next visit.


Please let them know I referred you!! THANK YOU!


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