Taking time to rebalance

Hello my friend! Happy spring and all the goodness abound!


I have been going through an amazing internal process since my return from Brazil with John of God. I’m feeling, sensing, and experiencing all different and powerful kind of things. My gifts are growing and evolving so I’m learning how to harness them as well. Exciting!


Through much prayer and meditation I’m being guided to take some more time off to process and integrate everything I’m learning and going through. I normally take time off every 3 months to honor the seasonal changes but also to allow my body, mind and spirit to catch up, so I guess I’m right on track too.


Plus, I’d like time to go the doctor’s, fix my garage door, and get things accomplished on my list so I have a better balance in my life. That is an important lesson the universe has been trying to teach me, lovingly and sometimes more obviously when I’m not paying attention. Now I’m choosing to slow down, pay attention, and restore balance in my life without rushing. It’s exhausting!


I’m currently booked out until April 29th as of now so please keep that in mind in scheduling appointments for spring breaks, vacations, new family additions to your home, or any personal guidance and assistance. Please schedule now for you may always reschedule closer to the time through the online calendar so it’s better to be safe than sorry. 


THANK YOU for all your support, understanding, and love as I go through the next phase of healing in my journey!


I have Reiki and Animal Communication classes scheduled out until June and nothing further yet. I’m going to spend more time in prayer and meditation to listen to how I’m going to be guided for the rest of 2017. I’ll keep you posted as I know.


What can YOU do to add balance to YOUR life?!


Hugs n Luv,


Stace and my furry crew!

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