Summer Animal Communication Tip

Summer trips, vacations, parties and getting ready to go back to school.
Those all can be pretty disrupted for our fur friends. That’s where talking to your animal friends will help side step some problems and be a good preventative to any unexpected issues upon your return.


How long you’ll be gone: 3-4 days
When you’ll return: day or evening
Whose watching them: kennel, their home, or someone else’s home
Parties: lots of people, kenneled or put in a room and why etc…
School: son/daughter going away and coming home once a month, weekends only


ANY type of schedule change from food, to their walks, playtime, late night snacks is important to convey to your animal BEFORE it happens. If that’s not possible, apologize to your fur friend and then explain to them again.


I hope that helps you during the next few months and avoiding the behavioral issues that may arise from the lack of communication or knowledge to your fur friend.


Hugs all around!


08/26/2021 by Polvelalo

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