Stay in your lane…

This has been coming up for me a lot lately and for my clients and I wanted to share the latest insights… Enjoy!


WHAT?! Yep, stay in your lane people. Stop meddling in other peoples business and issues unless you’re asked to! Stop trying to merge into your friends, family, partners, spouses, children’s stuff and stay in your own lane. Focus on YOU! How are you driving? How are you managing YOUR issues and feelings? Or are you meddling trying to “avoid” your stuff.


I believe that’s called “unsolicited advice.” Giving people your opinion or advice without being asked, which sometimes can highly offend them!


Are you coming from a place of genuine compassion or caring? Or from a place of “ego” trying to “fix” something that’s not yours to “fix.” Yep, can be challenging at times but very necessary!


I will notice when I getting pulled out of myself and want to get my hands or opinions and things. Then remember “Stacy, don’t do it! Stay in your lane girlfriend!” I feel much better when I do and then give myself permission to let it go and let that person work on it. I breathe easier and freer then. Ahhhhh…


There are times to stay in your lane and times to put your blinker on and gently merge… Breathe, then decide!


Where and when can you focus on staying in your own lane??


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