“Soul on Fire” Article in Coast News

A beautifully written article was recently published in the CA Coast News on the important of Animal Communication and how our animals are helping to heal and teach us as a whole. 


Whether it’s domestic animals, wildlife and even exotic animals, are all trying to help us stay in the present moment and get in touch with our own deeper knowing, or internal GPS.  The beauty of nature alone helps us to heal, we just need to get out of our houses more.


Our animal companions know exactly what we need and how to heal us, we as their human companions, just need to quiet down, calm our minds and open our hearts more to receive their healing gifts.  We also help our animal friends and give them a safe space to be.  It is a multi-faceted relationship on so many levels calling to ‘wake us up’ and get out of our own ways.


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Thank you Sully for this brilliantly written piece!


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