Soul Harmony Class

There’s still time to sign up!!  You can join us for the next 3 months for $150 and be in a group of like minded people who will support you on your journey ahead.


Are you ready to invest in time for yourself?  Has your soul been stirring? Have you felt unsettled and unsure why?  


It’s because your soul has been whispering to you that it’s ready, the universe has been talking to you and your soul is ready to transform and blossom.


Now is the time to jump on board and heed the call to harmonize your life!  Join this magical, mystical journey into the depth of your soul so you are able to create the life you want with the tools being given to you.


3 hours a month for YOU, solely you!  You.  Are.  Worth.  It!!


How can you find and call in more harmony to your soul?  Inner harmony is so important. Once we become quieter within, we react less to outward circumstances, knowing it’s really about them, and not about us.


Your life will become more focused, more balanced and happier by investing in yourself.  It’s the ripple affect.  Once you begin to make the inner changes it starts to ripple outward into every area of your life in positive and wondrous ways.


Dive a little deeper into the unknown realms of your gifts, your voice and souls desire.

Are you ready to sink deeper and hear your souls whispers?  In a group setting the energy is intensified, it supports you in a safe environment to open gently to possibilities,  and the energy amplifies your growth exponentially.


Module 1

What is Harmony?  How to bring more harmony into your soul.  How to harmonize your life.


Module 2

Free your soul and liberate yourself from the past.  Bringing in more light and opening yourself to more divine guidance.


Module 3

How to listen to your souls calling, deepen your intuition and enrich your life.


Module 4

Financial Abundance and Rewards
Steeping into the vortex of financial freedom, align yourself with the abundant flow and prosperity thinking.


I have learned boatloads of new information and tools and I am ecstatic to share them with you for your journey ahead.  I miss my people and look forward to working together soon!


Let’s create more magic and enrichment in your life together.  The effects can be profound! Through this uplifitng and powerful class you will be able to cultivate a depth of self-love, support clarity and focus in your life, increase your vitality and learn to react less, resting on an inner calm.


Each class is interactive and will consist of a brief check-in each month, introduicing new material, reviewing the previous month, homework for the next month, and we’ll end with a short meditation to send you off on a grounded and beautiful vibe.


Mark your calendar for the class dates are March 21st, April 18th, May 16th, & June 20th.


Class runs from 12:00-3:00pm-ish  CST, one day a month for 4 months.  Yes, you read that right.  That’s it.  3 HOURS a month for 4 months, for YOU!! 


Say YES and sign up today!!


The format we will use for class is Zoom.  It is very EASY to do and you do not have to be tech savvy to know how to use it. IT WILL BE RECORDED and sent out to you after the class. 


You will be sent the link when it’s time for our class to connect by phone or by computer.  All you have to do is click the link and you will be connected.  


You’ll also be emailed the hand-out for each class ahead of time to print off or use a separate notebook on your own and follow along.  If you miss a class, it will be recorded and sent out afterwards for your listening and reviewing pleasure.



05/21/2022 by joifuct

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