Sacred Soul Journey 6 Month Series

This is an investment in YOU!  Enrollment starts NOW…


Welcome to a 6 month journey of self exploration, deep healing, heightened intuition, deeper clarity, understanding your souls purpose and your arrival on this planet, while you learn more tools to navigate life’s ups and downs.  Gather strength and courage that lays dormant inside you and awaken the lioness within to gain power and confidence for your daily life.


I’m offering this series because of how much self awareness, growth, knowledge, friendships, love, gifts and healing I’ve gained over 2 year long classes I took out of 2 different schools.  Both of which have positively and profoundly changed my entire life in tremendous ways. 


I wanted to offer any continuing students who have already begun this journey, whether with me or other teachers, to hold a sacred space for them to safely unwind and delve deep into the grace and wisdom that their soul holds so lovingly for them.


For ONE weekend DAY a month for 6 months you will recognize your own brilliance and gifts with other like minded people in a safe environment.  


This series is for continuing education students only who are already well on their way on this spiritual path of energy healing modalities, animal communication, and other spiritual modalities.


Each class will build off of the other and in this series you’ll:

  • Claim your power, embrace your voice and speak your truth.
  • Align with your truth and calling and enjoy life again.
  • Free yourself of your past, heal your wounds and embody your truest, most authentic self.
  • Purify your vessel and mind and ignite your gifts.
  • Flourish and call forth your divinity.
  • Meet some of your soul tribe of people you were meant to be with on this earth.
  • Remember the vast knowledge and skills your soul already knows.
  • Unveil and heal the wounds and patterns of the past in a safe environment.
  • Gain a deeper bond with your spirit guides, angels and team of helpers assisting you.
  • Heighten your 6 senses and open your intuitive abilities more deeply and clearly.


Each month the class will be catered to each group with meditations, exercises to connect more deeply with your intuition


 Make a commitment to yourself!


This series is a true investment in yourself that your soul has been searching and calling for.  This is it.  Bravely answer your calling today!  You only have one You.


Each class builds from one class to the next so it’s important to keep your schedule cleared for YOU.


The class runs from 10-4 p.m. and meets ONE DAY a month for 6 months.  The investment in yourself is $150 per class. The first class requires a $50 non-refundable investment fee to reserve your space and then it’s per month payment system.



Class starts September 22, 2018.  The location will be announced and will be in a cozy, inviting, safe environment.


 There is a brief interview to discuss with new clients and students of what is required and expected of this empowering and healing series.  


Unfortunately, new students to the spiritual path would get overwhelmed in this series and I gently encourage them to start with beginner courses so they can join us later when they’re prepared with the tools they need to successfully navigate through this series.


Thank you for the investment, dedication and investment in yourself!


Your time is Now!


Please feel free to share this with advanced students who are ready for their next step of their healing journey.


Please email me at to reserve your space.


More details to come…  


 Thank you!


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