Remembering prior sessions…

Some people will ask me if I remember their sessions? No, not usually unless something specific or profound happens. I’m usually channeling their animals messages or messages from relatives or their guides so I don’t tend to remember much. When I do group readings or readings at venues I usually have 9 appts on those days so I don’t remember a lot from those days either. Once in a while somethings will resonate for me and may be a message I needed to hear to and I embrace those messages into my noggin to help me along my path.


There are the moments when we all laugh out loud, shed a few tears, or receive a powerful message that deserves a huge pause just to absorb the magnitude of the message. I love moments like that! Or perhaps I remember the “energy” of the animal/human and can feel how much that animal/human has grown. Now, that is cool too!


I love what I do and there is nothing false, fake, make believe, taking notes to carry over for the next appt, do research on my clients, or ask their friends or family about my clients. That’s not who I am or what I do. People may believe what they want and it is a compliment when people try to discredit my work or think I know things that others may have told me but I do not have time for all that. It would be amazing to remember every little detail but my noggin would definitely be overloaded from all the readings over this last decade. LOL I’m just a channel and vessel for the Divine to use me and I always ask for whatever is needed for that person/animal for their highest and greatest good for that day and to be gentle.


My work is genuine, authentic, kind, sometimes firm, and done with love. For the naysayers, poo pooers, and negative Nelly’s keep it moving! I don’t have time for your nonsense and negativity.

God Bless and Carry on… 

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