Protection Workshop

Does your child having problems sleeping?  Do you feel wiped out after work or after a conversation with someone?  Are you very sensitive and empathetic and pick up other people’s energy or ailments?  Do you feel like you have some unwanted energy in your home that you need helping get rid of?  Is one of your animal companion super sensitive, anxious, skittish or aggressive?  Then this workshop will be perfect for you!!


This workshop is VERY empowering and healing in everyone’s life and it’s a phenomenal tool to have and use DAILY!!  Having tools to use for different experiences throughout one’s day is a safe and effective way to stay empowered and stay energetically in your body without having others pull you in other directions, knowingly or unknowingly. You will learn basic techniques to protect yourself, children, friends, family, animal friends, your vehicle and most importantly your home environment!


WE all have doors and windows on our houses right?  Well, the same thing needs to be in place for our energetic boundaries as well!   just imagine what energy your animal friends have to live in and what they get “stuck” in that isn’t even “theirs?!”  Plus, whatever emotional baggage the animal has themselves.  How do you live your life and check your emotions?  Do you live in a negative, chaotic, highly energy or sad environment?  What kind of people and energy do you live with?  Almost on a daily basis I remind my clients or guide them how to protect & clear themselves and their animal friends!  Very important stuff!


The investment is $45 and runs from 6:30-8:30 p.m.  Please contact Stacy for further details and reservations are required. 414-460-4781  THIS CLASS FILLS QUICKLY!! 



Contact Stacy
Telephone: 414-460-4781

Please Note: My services and classes are designed to complement, not substitute for, medical or veterinary care.

Protection Workshop | Class

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