Protect your energy workshop for humans and animals ~ online event

Protect Your Energy Workshop~ for people and animals!  (online only)

These tools you’ll be learning are the most sacred and precious tools to me because they literally have saved my life during my psychic development, personally and professionally and what I still use to this day. Also, animals and children are also the most vulnerable and need assistance and keeping their body and energy clear, which you will learn in class too, especially THERAPY ANIMALS!


Do you know that animals and children are like little psychic sponges and absorb the energies of others, the home environment and even out in public?

Or that you got off the phone with someone and inhaled a bag of chips for no conscious reasoning?

You meet someone for the first time and your gut knows you can’t trust them…? 

You walk into a home or place and your hair immediately goes up on the back of your neck?

I’ve honed in on these tools for this class so that they will become second nature to you and you can use different tools throughout the days or weeks ahead on what may suite your need or situation with great ease and grace.

We’ll discuss the use of:

  • Essential oils and crystals
  • Statues and Figures
  • Sage, Sweetgrass and Cedar
  • Prayers, visualizations and affirmations
  • How to properly cleanse your home, car, office and while traveling on the road
  • You’ll learn how to Clear, Cleanse, Protect and Shield your energy, home, friends and fur babies…

For Animals:
THERAPY DOGS, RESCUES & FOSTERS, Dog day care, animal fights & injuries, trials and shows, death and dying…

It’s very important for the animals that have aggression, skittish, nervous and anxiety issues to help them feel “safe” and unwind from their past experiences etc…

For children:
helping them sleep, shield their energies from negativity, and keep their energy clear for them so they don’t take on any negative energy or environmental toxicity, heaviness.

AND… lastly, we can’t forget about how to get rid of oogy boogies, ghosts and any spirits that may pester your home or animals!!

You’ll be learning some very important and EASY rips and techniques to use every day to enhance, calm and empower your life so you I’m extremely passionate and adament about this class and these life saving, mind calming and centering techniques.

There will be a guided meditation at the end of the class to help you visualize on how to clear and protect your home, office, humans and animals so that you may get a clear understanding and imaging so you may continue to use this on your own as needed.

These fabulous tools can be done when you’re laying in my bed getting ready to start the day, midday break, whenever there’s a disturbance, accident, injury or argument and even before bed. It literally only takes seconds to minute to use or do to automatically take control back of your energy and mind, as much as you can in certain circumstances.

This is an ONLINE event only! The class runs from 6:30-8:30 pm CST and the investment is $37 non-refundable payment paid in advance. One you make the payment you’ll receive the information needed for the call.

Please feel free to call or email with further questions. 

I am ecstatic to sharing these empowering and lifesaving tools to help empower your life!

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