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I’m thrilled to have chatted with @thrivingdog and to sharing some empowering tips and validations with animal communication 

Ever wondered what your pet is thinking?


That’s what this week’s show is all about. Our guest, Stacy Krafczyk, is going to teach you how to talk dog!


Stacy’s a professional animal communicator and owner of All Spirit Healing. She’s internationally known for her work with humans and animals, both in this life and the one after.


We go into how to tell if your dog is mad at you, happy with you, and even bored with you.

Yes, our pets get bored too!


And of course, we couldn’t leave our listeners on the edge of their seats. We dive into afterlife communication as well!


You can learn more about Stacy at or follow her on Facebook, @AllSpiritHealing.


[8:15] 5 ways your dog speaks to you
[9:51] Telltale signs your dog is not happy with you!
[15:46] How afterlife animal communication works
[24:36] Cost per session


Tune in to this episode of the Thriving Dog PAWcast.


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