Pain. Pain is good. Pain gets our attention. Physical and emotional pain is our barometer of what is working and what is not. Sometimes that’s the only way we’ll actually start to listen and pay attention.


We start to feel a slight knocking or dull pain. We put it off cuz we don’t have time for “it” or want to deal with “it.” Then it becomes so intense and painful that now we have to deal with it.


This could be an unhealthy relationship, work environment, friendship, home, physical ailment finally getting us to that point to make a change, big or small, but usually the big one. We call those the “universal 2 x 4” that knocks us on our ass and says “Hi, watchya gonna do bout it now?”


We have choices. We can decide to make a call for help, hire someone, see a therapist, meet a nutritionist, break-up with that partner or go to the doctor and begin to make some necessary changes.


Some people would rather die than change the way they eat, live, or think. That is their call, their life.


I was working at a job where NOTHING was working! All the tools I had did nothing to shift my energy. Not. A. Damn. Thing! I prayed, begged, pleaded with the universe for it to change. Used prayer, visualizations, mantras, crystals, essential oils, tobacco, to shift the energy. Over time I just had to surrender my agenda, to “the” agenda, and quit my job.


On my last day as I was leaving half the sky had huge white puffy clouds, gray sky and big raindrops coming down. The other half was bright blue sky, big, puffy white clouds and a rainbow running through both sides of the sky. Tears rolled out of my eyes as I drove away knowing that it was the right thing to do even tho it hurt like a mofo. I KNEW, that was my sign, I finally let go and did the right thing.


What has been gently knocking to get your attention? Or are you the 2 x 4 crisis now?


What is the first step, plan or action that can bring you comfort, power or awareness?

Start now…


Much luv n hugs n healing juju to everyone reading this!

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