This enlightening and empowering class helps hone in and fine tune your abilities and this skill is a lifelong tool you wil continue to use forever. Invest in you and your animal family today.






Whether you have a career in the animal field, work with rescues, a foster parent, have animals of your own or would like to connect with the wild animals around your home then this class is perfect for you. 


You will feel the sense of awe and wonder in your abilities on how youre already communicating with your animals but will also inspire to communicate more deeply. Plus, you'll be able to hear them more clearly.


This class is at the perfect time to help with the stress and chaos from spring break travels, longer days, changes in schedules, having company at your home, and any extra stress on the humans also affects your animal companions. 


Just a few things that animal communication is important for:

  •  Touching base to see how your animal is feeling, happy or sad
  •  Helping animals in your care understand what’s happening 
  •  Moving to a new home
  •  Comforting animals in your care 
  •  Adding new animals into the household 
  •  Illness or disease 
  •  Dying and transitioning 
    and much more…


You’ll learn specific and more detailed ways of how to more clearly communicate with your animals, guided exercises to clear the veil into greater clarity, ad practice communicating with an animal at the end of class. It’s so much fun, enlightening and exhilarating seeing all the light bulbs going off in peoples minds of ways they’ve already done it, and the excitement of the validation they receive in class.


Class runs from 10-4 pm CST/ 12PM-6PM CST on Saturday, May 6th. The investment is $299 for this fabulous class with the tolls that you'll use over and over again.


You do not need to be present for the class. It will be RECORDED and sent out afterwards to all who registered for class to listen to it at your leisure. 



Online via Zoom

Please feel free to contact me with further questions or concerns 414-460-4781 or email at More details will be emailed closer to class. 

Thank you!



NO refunds 48 hours prior to class*


Online Basic Animal Communication Class



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