My recent update…

I hope you’re doing well and enjoyed your summer! I didn’t send out an August newsletter so you didn’t miss anything.

Maple and I are safe in Southern Cal and away from the fires up north. We’re still sending love and healing that way too. We are still staying with my awesome friend and am hopeful our next, new home will pop up shortly. 

In the meantime I’ve been extra diligent on my selfcare and staying away from the negativity going on in the world right now. I found myself feeling extra anxious, nervous, depressed, tired and irritable. I stepped back even more from social media and my phone. 

I’ve set up several mentoring calls to help me with through some of these difficult times. She holds such a sacred and expansive space for me that I feel like I can breathe so much easier just being in that space over the phone. Plus, my own intuitive guidance feels stronger and clearer when we’re talking. I’m not so muddled when I try and work on myself. It’s more self care without self judgement that I “should know what to do or should know better.” I just needed more help so I asked for it.

I was able to go back to WI for a vacation and NOT work at all. Matter of fact, I didn’t tell anyone but a few friends I was returning so I didn’t feel overwhelmed and stretched too thin. I didn’t rent a car either. I stayed local and LOW KEY. This VACATION was meant to fully decompress, let go, recharge and BE. I had several personal appointments to take care of and my hair being one of them. I cut of 5 inches of my hair because I needed the change and for it not to feel so ‘heavy.’ 

Plus, I knew I wouldn’t be able to see everyone and I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Believe me there were A LOT of my peeps I wanted to see and hang out with but this trip wasn’t possible. I needed to get away from it all and enjoy nature, family and stillness.

Also, I didn’t advertise it because I didn’t want people nagging or judging me that I was traveling during these times. I’m being more mindful and cautious about what I’m sharing because it’s not worth the energy of fending off toxic and negative commentary. There are some things I do share because my gut and soul are telling me to share and that’s important for me and others can do what they want with that information. I know some people are sharing out of good intentions and love but it comes off as fear and it’s best to just not have to fend that off. I KNOW MY TRUTH AND SAFETY!

Next time I go back to WI I will work so I can see my amazing clients, humans and animals, and will plan for that. Perhaps even stop at one of the horse barns for a day of readings would be fun too! Yipee!!

There were many ways I allowed myself to go deeper within and as well as deeper throughout. I did my own 21 mantra meditation for the “obstacle breaker” to help remove old blocks and patterns from preventing me to becoming my greater self. I started off with 21 days and before I knew it I’m on 25 days and going strong. I’m liking that I’m becoming more disciplined each day even though the times may vary but I’m not allowing that to weigh me down. I just know each day I WILL do my mantra meditation and I do.

I’m also getting more and more clients from all over the world, which has been fun and exciting! The clients are ranging and growing from Iran, Bosnia, Poland, Australia and beyond…

I also have more things planned and unfolding up ahead so it’ll be exciting to share that soon enough too!

Right now, I’m focusing on my health and taking care of me. Putting myself as a priority because no one will take care of me but me. I hope you do the same!

I set up more mentoring calls and healing sessions for myself
More down time and quiet time
Time at the ocean and water
New guided meditations
Different music
More writing and journaling
Getting rid of old clothes, shirts, pants and buying new ones
Dressing differently
Upgrading my life in all areas and levels
Blessings and Abundance,




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