My lil wake-up moment

In recovery mode… I had minor surgery on Monday to remove a basal cell carcinoma in a place where the “sun didn’t shine.” The whole procedure was a bout 1 an hour to remove all the areas surrounding it. It’ll go back to the lab to make sure it’s all gone now. Hasta la bye bye


1 out of 3 BCC are usually in places the sun has never seen so don’t let that fool you.


It was quite the experience to say the least once you hear the “C” word then say we’ll confirm in 7-10 days. Um, ok! LOL


I have 10 external stitches, and many internal stitches that will dissolve on their own (1-2 which I’m pretty sure already snapped, oops) that will be removed on Monday, hopefully, then I’ll be excited to get to moving around again. I have limited mobility with how I normally sit, stand, move etc… this has allowed me to be ever so present with my body and paying very close attention to what my body is telling me otherwise the pain will say “hello” to me again.


I went in to get a growth removed off my face cuz it bothered me cuz it grew quickly and I could see it out of the corner of my eye. So it took my vanity to schedule the appointment to get in first then, while I’m here would you look at this too… kinda thing. Funny how the universe works and my vanity to my looks than what I don’t normally have to look at daily. A Great lesson…


There were my group of peeps I shared this with who sent tons of healing juju and prayers my way and I felt completely safe, protected and calm once I heard the news and once I arrived on Monday of the minor surgery. The healing is moving along well and I still feel their love and support daily. My other lesson was learning to “ask and accept” help from them too. I asked a gf of mine to cook for me cuz she’s an amazing cook. Never had a bad meal from her! She cooked enough for several meals so I didn’t have to leave my house for a few days. It was lovely! That’s why its important to have your peeps to support you in your most vulnerable and uneasy times.


The reason I’m sharing is to pay attention to the moles that have since changed and don’t look normal i.e. color, size, and shape! I’m embarrassed to say I’ve had that for several years but paid little attention to it.


Dr Garvey out of Forefront Dermatology in Oconomowoc is amazing and I highly recommend her!


Take good care of yourself and your body!


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