Moving Forward

I am saddened to announce that after signing my lease 2 weeks ago and having moved into my new office that I have been officially uninvited and being kicked out of my office because the owner feels that I deal with “evil spirits” and doesn’t want that in her building. That her building is a “professional building” and I’m not welcome there. No words are able to describe my shock, disbelief, disappointment, anger that I feel right now. I am saddened to know there is still such ignorance, prejudice, discrimination and fear in what I do. Yes, It may be a little bit different than the “norm” but I bring healing, comfort, empowerment, closure and peace for animals and people!


I’m well aware that this is “her” issue and fear. This type of thing I have dealt with my entire career. The looks, snarky remarks, giggles, fearful and ignorant judgment, and hateful remarks which I understand comes with the territory but my goodness! How ridiculous indeed! The owner just looked at my website YESTERDAY when I signed my lease 2 weeks ago… If she really looked at my website, the classes and testimonials she we know I do good work but her fear is blocking her from understanding or wanting to know how I help people and animals.


I have contacted the correct people and making some decisions… but classes and my business will still continue as planned. What a sad state of affairs right now. I do know that the Universe has something even better in store for me with people who understand, value and appreciate who I am and what I do that will be even more FABULOUS than where I’m currently am at now… but It still sucks big time to have to be going through all of this right now!! Just sayin’


Prayers are welcome and appreciated! Thank you!

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