Meet your Guides & Angels Class

We all have angels and guides that help us through our daily lives, through the good and the bad. We actually have many guides and angelic beings that help us through the different phases of our journey.  


Whether you’re new to the spiritual path and curious to learn more, then this class is perfect for you. If you’ve already met and know your guides and helpers then I invite you to join us to deepen that bond or perhaps meet a new guide or angelic helper.
Many people will say that I know my grandmother is my angel, or my grandfather, or their decease parent(s) or even their beloved animal companion that is with them. They feel it or just ‘know’ it.
There is a knowing or a sense that ‘someone’ is with us and watching over us and in this class you’ll learn exactly who it is. It is very healing and very powerful to be able to make that connection and then continue to build it as the days go on. They become our new best friend of sorts.
It’s like picking up the phone and saying “Hi, I need help. Or I’m lonely. I’m stuck, please give me a sign. Is anyone there? HELP!! 911!!” Boom, it’s that easy!
What you will learn:


  • What are guides or angels.
  • How to connect with your angelic helpers.
  • What signs they give us daily.
  • An exercise on how to calm the mind and connect with your body to become more aware of your body.
  • An exercise on how to learn to become aware of the energy shifts when they enter into your energy field and how to communicate with them in your mind.


A guided meditation at the end where you will meet your divine helpers, become familiar with their energy so you’ll not when they’re around and connect with them more deeply.
The role of your guides is to gently but consistently guide you with intuitive nudges to stay on track with your soul’s purpose. If something is meant for you to accomplish, you will find support from your spirit guides in that endeavour. They will connect you with the right resources, people, money, books or schooling to help you reach your goals.
Connecting with your angels and guides will increase in your daily awareness, heighten your intuition, and develop clear communication with them to help you navigate your daily life.
Many people have asked for more classes at this time because of where the world is and I’m happy to offer more, especially at an affordable price for everyone. It’s very important to be supportive and bond together through these times and help one another as best as we can.
Plus, group energy is dynamic and supercharges and amplifies the collective energy and we all are able to go deeper together. It’s amazing and I highly recommend the group classes.
My angels and guides have been instrumental in my growth and healing and I’m SO grateful to have that connection. To this day I still actively connect, develop and hone my gifts to deepen my bond with them. They help me with the little things in life and the big things. From which way to turn, where to go for the best deals, when not to trust what someone is saying, and just plain old daily guidance.
It may sound silly but I honestly am exactly where I am in my career and in my living situation because of them and with me LISTENING to their guidance! WE have to do our part and this class will guide you on how to do so.
Class runs from 6:30-8:30pm CST, 4:30-6:30 pm PST and the investment is $25.
It will be recorded LIVE on Zoom and sent out afterwards for your listening pleasure and availability.
Click the link below to reserve your space.
*class is non-refundable*


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