Maple’s Regime

Ms Maple 


Maple is doing GREAT in our new home!! She’s thriving and sleeping more. She was quite worried, yet happy, when we moved in that she’d follow me from room to room and watch me like a hawk to see what I was up to.


Eventually that stopped and she’d go upstairs to her biomat and rest. She’s the best!! 


I do mostly holistic stuff with her, especially the food but will still mix in western meds as needed with her different issues as they pop up.


1). She’s on high quality canned food and each meal is different cuz she gets bored n is a diva. Can’t blame her though cuz I won’t like eating the same food each meal.


Before we moved to Hartland her and Connor has to eat the same food for 3 or so days otherwise they’d get stomachaches. Once we moved it changed quickly!


2). Standard Process Kidney support pills twice daily. She has kidney “issues,” which she eats like cat treats so no hiding or shoving.


3). High quality Fish oil


4). CBD oil as needed for pain n discomfort.


5). Gabapentin to sedate her for invasive vet visits. When she gets chiro she’s fine but poked or prodded she needs a wee bit more help. 


6). Buphrenephrine for pain. She has some pelvic issues n her arthritis in her shoulder. She’d jump from too high n hurt herself n over do it outside. Now she’s very cautious, for the most part. thank goodness!! 


7). Adequan for arthritis. An injection under the skin every 2-4 weeks as needed, which has helped a lot!!!


8)Pheromone spray -Feliway to spray in carrier and vehicle for car rides.


9). Young Living Essential oils- (Safe for animals cuz not all essential oils are!) diffuser in car or on towels to calm n relax


Obviously, it’s not all at once but we rotate as her pain n discomfort is different each day.


I’ve done my research and through experience know what’s best for her over time. It hadn’t been easy but we’ve learned a lot especially with her aging body and to NOT put ANY meds in her food cuz her ass ain’t eating it! Wasted lots of food, time and energy that way.


I prepared her for several months before our move and each day up to the move. But it was still extremely stressful, for both of us!!!!


The noise, people coming n going, energy, stress, chaos, boxes, moving furniture and all things normal for her. She did great!


I had to crates attached in the full back seat one to rest, view and other for her litter box.


We left midday and she willingly stayed in her crate most of morning. She’s a talker n chatted in the beginning of our car ride which is normal.


Once we got to hotel she nibbles a bit on food n explored the room. Didn’t sleep too good n strained to go potty. So I had a meltdown cuz I started to freak out about it all.


After a few tears and phone calls to my peeps I gave her a full gabapentin to relax everything. Thank goodness!


I did have to have a serious chat with her shortly thereafter cuz it would be almost 24 hrs n no pee so an emergency vet visit was coming soon if she didn’t produce! I pulled over at a rest stop, added more litter to her box after our chat n closed the door. She went right in her box n peed forever!!

Thank ya Jesus!!!! I shed a tear or two of relief to say the least with thousands of thank you’s to the universe!! Whew! Disaster averted!!


She’d rest all day n get out to eat on breaks as we drive then full exploration once we made it to the hotel. Maple would munch then want to play. Slept little cuz she did most of day.


On our last day, a half day, I decide 6 hours would be ok without any sedation. Well, first hour in she was howling to get out cuz she had fun in our breaks on stops then started trying to get out of the crates. So after an hour of madness I stopped and gave her half a sedation so she didn’t hurt herself and the rest of drive was fine. Thankfully!!


No matter how much I explained to her on what was needed or how things would be she had other plans and was hell bent on doing things her way. Even if that meant possibly getting hurt. Stubborn thing!


My point… no matter how much communication there is, animals still have Free will and choices to do what they want. We can only do our part. 


pain comes out soooooooo frequently in readings, for ALL animals of ALL ages, A LOT!!!!


I’m a HUGE advocate for their people to have pain management at hand at HOME for that. Whether it’s holistic or western is up to you and what feels comfortable to you.


Talk to your VETERINARIAN and ask what they may need to help them get through their injury, disease, stress or aging process!!


Remember… It’s their innate instinct for animals to hide, mask and disguise their pain! On a scale from 1-10 they normally won’t show their pain until it’s a 5-6 or sometimes even higher than that cuz their regal or stoic animals.  


There are also some animals who will hide their pain until it’s way too late because they DO NOT want any invasive treatmtents, surgeries, or medication and “chose” this for themselves, which can be very challenging for us as their humans.  We want to help them and we want them to stay with us, but sometimes it’s the animals time to transition to their next phase.  That can also be a gift and blessing to us so we don’t have that choice to make because they already made it for us.  It doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t grieve them and the loss, but can only honor the process in whatever we can at that time and the time moving forward.


Just know they’re at peace and happy in the spirit plane and want us to be at peace too!


Please, please, please continue to be an advocate for your fur baby when they’re going through those stages in their lives. I know you are but sometimes we may need to use our voice to speak up for them more to be heard.


Luckily I have GREAT VETERINARIANS who are open and on it and sometimes even a step ahead of me, which I love cuz it takes the pressure off of me to “know everything” and be on all the time. It’s exhausting and gives me permission to be and allows help in for us both. So grateful!! 


Please share What works for you and your fur baby? This is a great place to share and help others! No judging or shaming please, otherwise it’ll be deleted and blocked. 


Hopefully this post has helped you!


Hugs, luv n furry kisses 



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