Maple has her wings

It is with a heavy and sad heart to share that my beloved Maple got her wings on 12-1-2022. (A number 1 in numerology, which means the beginning of a cycle.) I needed privacy, quiet and a safe space to begin to process this huge adjustment without my girl in the physical presence. It amazed me how much energy and space that lil nugget took up in our home. It is so quiet and so empty without her that it’s really taken my by surprise how much it echoes and feels so still in our home. Like I’m walking into a brand new home and I need to fill the space again, which I won't for a while.

Maple was my soulmate, master teacher, healer, therapist, best friend, divine helper, spiritual warrior, love muffin, love machine, cheerleader, encourager, brought me back to the present moment, sidekick, my ace, my wingwoman, sage, sufi, prophet and grounding block. I don’t think I’ve ever been loved by a soul like this before. I’ve lost other animals and humans, but this is something special, painful and different, magic!


These past few months she was having trouble walking, her eyesight greatly diminished, there were some neurologic issues going on along with underlying UTI and other things that had the vets stumped. But Maple was like the energizer bunny that kept going and going and trucking through, but this past week she had hit her limit, she was done. I really couldn’t leave the house for more than an hour or so because of her state of being so that was another big adjustment for us. My poor girl.

Last Sunday she had another episode and was at her vet all day on Monday. As I got her situated Monday night in her room after the vet, she started staring wide eyed down the hall and all around us in her room. She started to tell me all the people in spirit that were here with us. I immediately started sobbing and snotting everywhere because I could feel them. Plus, it hit me that her time was coming. I felt that deep in my gut and my soul.


I decided to wait until Tuesday to see if she’d bounce back like she has the past few months, but she didn’t. Wednesday I started making calls for in home euthanasia. By Wed night I had a tentative date for Thursday at 11:45 a.m. but it didn’t feel right so on early thursday morning I changed it to 1 p.m. instead. Maple didn’t want to leave at night and preferred to go during the day, for both her and I. She said it would be too difficult for me to have it done at night and be home by myself to try and process. Boy, she sure was right.

Preparing for her departure I opened the essential oil Frankincense, played music from Satnam Kaur, Ong Namo played as she passed, and had a beautiful salt lamp on to give the support and vibrancy of the room. Maple didn’t need it, I did. It was peaceful, the room full of love and diving beings, and it was all done easily and seamlessly. I was very touched by the beauty and ease of her transition. She was ready.

I found a lovely, woman owned, mobile vet service to come and she did a great job. Maple left her body as soon as the vet gave her the sedation. I saw and felt her leave right away. The vet gave us time to chat then came back inside our home to give the final injection, even though she was already gone. I stayed with her for a while then wrapped her up to take her into our veterinarian so they could say goodbye to her too. Maple specifically told me her job wasn’t done yet and that it was important for her to go to our vets and NOT with the mobile vet for the private cremation, so I followed her instructions.


As I loaded her into the car one last time, I said "this is our last trip together” and she said “no it’s not, I’m still here with you.” I started crying right away and then yelled at her to allow my humanness to process all of this but was also relieved at the same time to hear that because I needed that reminder.

We were greeted with such love and tears by the staff and it truly touched my soul. I realized Maple did that for me too. I know that more will be revealed why she chose to leave that way too so I’m curious to see what all transpired later on. 


One very important thing happened before she passed, she taught one last animal communication class to Dr. Bausone and 6 other people in November. I asked her everyday up until then if she had it in her and I wouldn’t pressure her, she said no. But a few days before class she said she could and wanted to teach. Needless to say, it was a VERY emotional day and the box of tissues were passed around, to myself included. She had very powerful messages for each student and they all hit home. 

Maple made it very easy for each student to communicate with her but also each personal, detailed message for each person was powerful and very well needed. I am so deeply grateful that she had one last class in her before she left this earth because I knew she would significantly help everyone, better than I could have done. She was a wizard and master! I loved watching her work, her wisdom and her accuracy.


Maple came through right away after she transitioned and has continuously given me signs and communication of her being around me. The second morning I heard her in her bedroom and that brought me peace. Even with her signs and communication I still feel numb and in a state of shock. Sometimes I forget to eat and feel like I forgot how to feed myself. Does cupcakes and cookies count? I’m allowing myself to nap and sleep, moving from my bed to the recliner, then back to bed and honoring what my body needs.

We didn’t sleep much this past week but this past month I didn’t sleep well either so I know I have a lot to catch up on. Plus, as you know, being a caretaker for a human or animal takes a huge toll on us on all levels. Plus, the 5 stages of grief have already started to kick my ass but I’m doing my best in ‘honoring’ the bs. Fricken human stuff! Where’s my superwoman cape so I can just power through this… Gah! 


In closing, Maple has taught thousands of people on the earth in this lifetime and has touched many many souls in magical and magnificent ways. She was a Master Teacher that helped facilitate many healings in reiki and animal communication along with whatever else she did in her sleep time! Her students would share stories on how Maple visited them in their dreams or in meditations. It was fascinating to hear, see and witness Maple’s magic and skills and I know she will continue to do so in the spirit plane way beyond our imagination.

She'll be back again when it's the right time and I will continue on living my best life and accomplishing my life’s goals and dreams with her by my side all the while.

We are so very grateful for everyone’s love, support, well wishes, reiki and prayers over the past few months. WE felt them and appreciate them very much!

Thank you for allowing me to share this special soul and her last days with you! I’m so grateful.


Now, I'll be able to travel and visit WI soon. When I know, I'll let you know.

Hugs n Luv,

Stacy and Maple


09/26/2023 by Josie

I have no idea how I even stumbled across this page... I am not even in America but in Australia! I think I was searching for some information about pets taking on owner's illnesses... anyway, I just read this story and the tears couldn't stop rolling down my cheeks. What an absolutely beautiful story! For some reason I was imagining Maple was a dog the whole time but when I got to the end and saw a photo of the cat, it was even more touching! I love all dogs and cats (and animals) but especially cats :) I have since proceeded to read other blog posts of yours and have really enjoyed them - especially posts about darling Maple. I would love to see more photos of her. Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful, fascinating and engaging posts about your life and communications with our furry friends. What an incredible skill to have :) Shine on Maple - sending her a lot of love over the rainbow bridge. She sounds like a very special girl :)

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