Maple and her Chiropractor

Ms Maple patiently waiting for her chiropractor.


She’s been getting chiropractic for years off and on depending on what her body is saying. We miss our chiropractors back home in WI and We’re super grateful to have found 2 locally and very close to our house here in CA.


Since we’ve moved we were going once sometimes twice a week and rotating between chiropractors because she had really tweaked herself from the move and all the new activity.


We’ve made several adjustments to her bed, places she jumps to and from, and have padding everywhere around these spots. She’s 14 1/2 now so we’re helping her take it easy. Maple is realizing her body is different now too. Thankfully!


When she feels better she goes like crazy, overdoes it cuz she feels better, then pays for it later. Finding that happy medium for her has been interesting.


Maple started getting grumpy about going too much and asked to spread out the time more and so I did. She was becoming more irritable and vocalizing way more than her normal grumbles. When we got back to the car she “stated” not asked, that she wanted more time in between visits. Plus, the chiropractor office was so busy with dogs it was disrupting her.


Two weeks later we went back and she was a quiet lil church mouse and barely made any noise and laid right down for her adjustment. The chiro was astonished and asked what was going on. I told her and we both laughed. Maples face said it all! She was quite pleased with herself 


Maple knows she needs her adjustments to stay fit and aligned and willingly goes. She’s stopped her squawking in the car and just chills out, like ok, we’re on our way. Plus, I diffuse a calming essential oil and/or pheromone spray with helps but knowing it’s a quick and close visit helps.


Both chiropractors love and respect Ms Maple which she knows and feels. She’s always treated like the queen that she is 


Maple adventures…

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