Living the dream

A fantastic opportunity has risen for me to clarify a few things. One, thank you for your support in who I am and what I do! Secondly, For those that know me professionally as well as personally know that I am an authentic, caring, compassionate, honest and truthful person. I do the best I can every day.


My intent and mission is to build the bridge and bond of healing and love from the humans to animals to the planet and back to oneself to experience the greatest healing and love of all! I also understand the more I grow and evolve that some people may get offended by something I say or do. Perhaps even get scrutinized in my beliefs or my actions. If anything in my posts, emails or newsletters offend you I apologize. But I WILL NOT apologize for sharing, expressing or going after my dreams. I will no longer hide who I am, my wants, DREAMS or desires anymore! That is NOT who I am or chose to be. That was just validated in my retreat that I just came back from in Arizona several weeks ago.


I also know that clients/students may find other teachers or animal communicators or outgrow me… such is life. We are meant to have MANY teachers and experiences. I’m ok with that! Life is about changes, some comfortable and some not so comfortable.


I bless everyone in their journey, opinions, and desires but I will NEVER deter or scold anyone for expressing or going after their desires! That’s not who I am or what I do. I may not agree but I will not hold anyone back either. I know as people leave my life other people will come on in. I welcome change and welcome new people into my life. Of course, I would love for everyone to like me. Who doesn’t! I do not have time for pussyfooting around, bullshit or walking on eggshells for everyone to like me. I did that for far too long and lost myself. Now, I truly honor and cherish me and being authentic in all that I do and am.


Again, my intention is love and light for us all! For every negative comment there are 5 or 6 positive comments to replace it. I honor everyone and bless them all on their journey. I ask that you do the same of me. I am human and learn as I go but I will not apologize for honoring and celebrating my dreams! Dreams I’ve been manifesting, creating and getting excited about for a very long time.


Blessings to you all for reading this, for being who you are, stepping up to the plate and honoring your changes and growth. Thank you for supporting me completely, whole heartedly for who I am and who I am becoming!


Now… stepping out for some fun to celebrate me and the life the Universe has given me! Thank you and God Bless!


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