I met a guy last night…

I met a handsome guy at the beach last night after Seaside’s healing service. He was so cute and was flirting with me as I parked my car and waited impatiently as got myself together and locked my doors. I wish I would have remembered to take his picture. He was sooooo cute!!


(Please excuse typos n grammar, it’s late and I’ll edit this later!)


Medium length hair full of cuteness … a sexy maine coon cat!! He was HILARIOUS!! He darted out of some bushes Right as I put my car in park. I felt him check me out intuitively then he puffed out his tail then strutted to the car in front of mine to wait for me. It was quite the divine meeting.


I literally LOL’d like “who is this sexy dude and how does he know me?!?!” I started talking to him out loud as he was rubbing his chin against the wheel well of the other car. I squatted down to let him smell my hand then he walked right up to me and rubbed his entire body along my right side as he purred away. He just kept rubbing his body along both sides of my body loving up all the attention.


I started asking him questions to see if he was ok or needed help or anything. He said not at all. He’s from the next house down and was exploring the neighborhood. He was comical n witty. After a few minutes of being pet, making out and chatting, I told him I was walking to the beach if he wanted to come. He said no, he doesn’t go that far. Plus, it’s not safe for him he said. The beach was 5 houses down the hill from where we were.


I told him to be safe and watch for cars as I made my way down the hill to the beach. He stated very snootily that he’s very aware of cars and would be fine.


It’s a quiet street and safe neighborhood I’ve been to many times. It was chilly at the beach and I didn’t stay long. As I made my way back to my car he was at the 2nd house in their driveway waiting for me. I was surprised and laughed as he stood up to greet me again. He was checking on me and wanted to continue to chat. Too cute!


He strutted ahead of me as we walked up the hill towards me car then would stop so I could pet him. I squatted down again to pet him n told him I wanted to put him on my lap as I was squatting down as to not scare him and I reassured him I wouldn’t take him with me. He said ok at first but it scared him so I let him go right away.


This studly dude brushed it off right away and kept on rubbing up against me flirting away and covering me with his scent while just loving me up.


He said he’d walk me back to his house but that was it. We mingled in his driveway by the street for a few more minutes then he energetically pulled back and walked up a few steps and sat down like, ok, that’s enough. I thanked him and told him how much I appreciated our interaction.


I got back to my car and pulled out and he was already gone and disappeared into the night. It was such a cool and surprising interaction that touched me deeply. A beautiful and rare moment with a giant soul who knew just what I needed.


From the moment I parked my car and saw him run out and energetically check me out, I knew he was something special. Sometimes there aren’t enough words to explain certain situations and this was one of them. How to share the magic of this night is challenging to convey but to know it was an enchanted encounter. I’m so grateful 



03/24/2022 by Jenceneve

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03/25/2022 by Jenceneve

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08/15/2022 by arranna

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