Honoring My Humanness

My grandmother means the world to me!  She has always been my biggest supporter of my spiritual and psychic work from the very beginning and this entire journey.  The ESP runs in her side of the family very strongly and each one of her children and grandchildren have their own unique abilities that assist them in their daily life.


My very spicy and sassy grama just turned 98 years old yesterday and I’m so grateful that she made it that far.  It’s been a very challenging road watching her age, decline and have some health scares recently.  A feeling and experience unlike any other I’ve felt.  I feel like I can literally feel her aging and witnessing her transition into the spirit plane.  I dream of her, I can feel her in my wake state playing in the spirit realm, I feel and see her loved ones in spirit getting ready to greet her and other crazy experiences. Also, some of my friends have been a wonderful channel from the spirit side reminding us of her time that is quickly approaching. It’s as if she’s half her and half on the other side already.  Plus, she’s openly speaking about “her time” to go on a pretty regular basis, which is very hard to hear but also a gift that she’s slowly preparing us on a soul level for her departure.


Regardless of my knowledge and experience of this type of transition it completely sucks and is forcing me to be very present each gosh darn day and deal with all of my earthly fn emotions.  Talk about meltdowns and feeling like I, myself, will die right along with her!  I’m so very, very grateful for my wonderful support team around me who check on me, give me guidance, support and love through each day.  Otherwise I highly doubt I would survive this myself.


I understand this IS a HUGE lesson for me personally, which will also help me become ever so much more compassionate for other people losing their humans and animals that are their heart and soul.  That connection to another being like that is far and few between and is something to be honored and treasure while it’s here on the earth plane.  We WILL still continue to be connected and they will still offer us support and love from the spirit plane, we just won’t be able to tangibly feel them each day.  The signs are prevalent, their love plenty, their support is with us daily, and the relationship will always have a place in our heart for them.  Also, we WILL meet up with them again in the spirit plane again to be reunited with joy, happiness, peace and wholeness.


People will say part of their soul left when their grandfather died.  Part of their heart left when so and so left.  And on and on…  We honestly feel that loss or part of our soul fragmenting when they physically leave us.  That is why a “soul retrieval” is necessary when we lose an animal or human that was our “soulmate.”  It’s part of the shamanic healing tradition that goes to that deep level and restores our soul back to being perfect, whole, and complete.  I will have one lined up for me after her departure.  Plus, a very long vacation to adjust to the physical loss.


Thank you for all of your prayers and healing energy as our family begins to prepare for her physical departure!  It is very much appreciate and needed.


Hugs and love to you all,


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