Honoring An Amazing Soul

In Remembrance of a special soul:
Today marks a very hard day for many of us around the world. The passing of a wife, aunt, daughter, sister, relative, a dear friend, teacher, mentor and a spiritual warrior.  The 1 year Anniversary of departure of her physical presence.


One moment it feels like yesterday and another feels like lifetimes. There are days where anger stings my heart and others where tears stream down my face.  Grief and frustration overcomes me at times when I think of her, miss her, am reminded of her, feel her,  hear her giggle then I suddenly want to push her away because  her absence hurts too much .  It’s challenging to understand or try to comprehend “why,” an every evolving process of how to heal and move forward.  A struggle in and of itself.
I’ve felt her presence very strongly these past several weeks and it’s as if she’ pressuring me to write this to honor everyone’s grief right now.  Do we dare mention her name out loud for fear of our hearts breaking further?  Do we celebrate with wine, laughter, friends, family for the blessing of knowing her?  Do we hide under our covers and wait for this day or month to be over?  Sure, any and all of the above, and then some.  There are many stages of grief and processing.
Her spirit is with us all each day, especially this time of the year for the holiday season and the marking of this day.  Becky would want us to remember the good times, the laughter and all the healing she brought each and every one of us.
We all had our own personal relationship with her, however long or brief it was, she meant something special to each one of us. It is not a competition of who knew her longer, it’s just the importance of what she shared with you individually that is important. Rebecca imprinted upon us all in a very touching and remarkable way.
A phenomenal woman, a precious soul, a spiritual trailblazer, and amazingly compassionate woman who gave her all to complete her mission on this earth.


Even if we weren’t/aren’t ready to lose her physical presence.
Rebecca would wish love and peace to our hearts and to know she’s only a thought, prayer, or giggle away.  She is helping us all on our journeys and know she has just changed forms and can help on a grander scale now.  Look out! 
Please continue to lift up her husband, fur kids, family, friends, clients, students during this challenging time with prayers, loving thoughts and healing energy.  We all love and miss her very much.
Thank you

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