Haters will Hate, Fakers will Fake



Life is full of funny, quirky people. Sometimes they get to us and sometimes they don’t. People will sometimes bite our style, our verbiage, our material, our ideas. They say copying is the highest form of flattery. Well, it may not feel like it at first! LOL


The reason I’m bringing this up is for personal reasons but also in business too. It takes hours to weeks to prepare material for a class and takes only seconds for someone else to steal it and make it their own. I get frustrated and disappointed at times but I am a HUGE believer in karma and what comes around, goes around!


I’ve had many teachers, classes and workshops I’ve participated in and still do but I do truly honor their work and material. I may borrow a line or two but I do give credit to the teachers I’ve learned this from. I do my best to honor that for this is really important to me. I am human and not perfect and there may have been a time I may have forgot or slipped my mind, but it has never been intentional or deceitful. But I definitely do not steal someones entire course verbatim.


It sometimes gets very old and stale to see your hardwork go right down the drain but it also shows me that I obviously made an impact on someone and it helped them. I’ll take that and leave the nastiness behind…thankyouverymuch!! (I meant to type that all like that btw…)


Also, I realize that you, like me, go through certain things that others may be going through so I wanted to share my thoughts and to let you know you’re not alone! I gotchya!


I felt like it needed to be addressed, expressed, giggled about and released for others to share and/or enjoy.


Carry on… Head up… Chin up… and walk with style & grace! Hey now…


09/20/2021 by Allisonflub

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09/20/2021 by Allisonflub

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01/01/2022 by JamesCCvok

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02/03/2022 by Jamesvok

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03/23/2022 by Frenchmxjf

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