Hank the Tank

This sexy, 18 lb, beast of a cat, Hank the Tank, made his unexpected transition to the spirit plane yesterday on 2-22. 2 Hawks flew over us as I drove to the emergency vet letting me know there were others waiting for him. The vet bill was $211 when I left. 


It all happened within a matter of minutes and I knew his time was up. He was great last night and in the am, I thought, but within minutes it all changed. No matter if I knew he was sick, or old or even aging it’s never easy, but man, that was quick.


Yesterday was probably one of the most stressful and difficult days I’ve had in a long time. Hank’s departure started my am and the day unfolded one after the other. By the time I did arrive home and settle in for night, there was no tv, no nothing. Hot bath, turned off all lights and then laid in bed to read some nourishing stuff for my soul.


As exhausted as I was I still couldn’t sleep. When I did fall asleep my boy Connor who transitioned on 11-11-17 came in my dream to comfort me. What a treat!  Thanks Con Bon!


No matter the gifts I’ve been given I’m still human and some things I’m just not supposed to know and still have to honor my humanness. But I do know I’m always loved and supported by my peeps here and in the spirit plane.


Forever grateful! 


Thank you Universe! 

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