Friendship to me makes me world go round and brings me great peace in my life and soul. I am surrounded by a great group of fabulous friends, far and wide, who love, support, challenge, respect, cherish, respect and honor me. As I do for them the best I can. I’m SO grateful to be who I am, personally and professionally, and loved exactly the same! ‪#‎grateful‬ ‪#‎great friends‬


I give a lot of myself to my clients and people around me and I realize how important it is for me to feel ‘supported’ and full with my peeps. They surprise me, talk me off the ledge when I need it, off the cuff offers for last minute shindigs, lil thoughtful gifts to show they’re thinking of me even on just an ordinary day, texts, call or dinner/lunch dates to touch base and connect for some FaceTime.


They are the friends I can call for any little or big thing and they’ve got my back. I love my peeps!

My circle still continues to grow and evolve, rotate, and expand, which I’m learning to appreciate. Seasons, reasons and lifetimes and those lessons can be quite challenging at times. I’m still learning a lot about myself and learning about life together too. I’m definitely not perfect but do my best to be a great friend.


Over the years I sometimes feel I’ve become more guarded, even meeting new people, because many people are very interested in my unique career. I am very grateful for me passion, work, unique gifts and direction but also find that people seek to be my “friend” for the wrong reasons. They forget I’m a human behind my profession and there is more to me than that. Par for the course.


People will say to me it must be so cool to be your friend. I’m like, well yeahhhh, I’m a pretty kick ass chick!   But unfortunately, they may sometimes befriend me to get free advice, asking questions about their animals or loved ones etc… Like a free quickie for themselves without ever inquiring about me. Sometimes without realizing their doing it. It can get very frustrating, especially when I’m “off the clock.”


It’s not about Oh, poor Stacy. It’s just about knowing what I’m worthy and deserving of, time being very short to be surrounded with needy people who only think of themselves, and honoring myself. Hopefully you are managing your time and space wisely too!

I’ve also done a lot of healing and clearing around those old wounds of people wanting more from me than just me. The lessons still happens on occasion and it happens less and less and I see it much more quickly now. Again, most of the time it’s not intentional but that is how some people function just getting what they need from people and they keep it moving. I’m very sensitive to that.


I like going to my friends homes and gatherings where I can just ‘be’ and not ‘do.’ Plus, they do not expect anything from me, which is very important to me. Sometimes I may pick things up or things happen but it’s never my intention or even expected of me, it just happens. I enjoy that and it will even surprise me at times.


Thankfully, there are no more Negative Nancy’s or Bitter Betty’s in my life anymore where I had to constantly hold the phone or the space for them when they didn’t do the same in return for me. Or only call or stop by when they needed something. That shit gets old very quick and time is VERY valuable to me to waste with anyone or anything not sharing back in one way or another. Yes, life happens and it can be one sided as one friend goes through something or another or keeping one out of jail… but it’s not a constant one sided thing for me.


Friendship comes in all shapes, sizes and from different areas that may surprise you, even family are the best friends. Or even a perfect stranger, a classmate, or someone you were introduced too may turn out to surprise you in your time of need. Expectations of what we think or expect of our friends or people in general can hurt ourselves. Expect less of them and more of yourself to support your needs and you’re less likely to get hurt or disappointed that way. Also, sometimes we need that awareness and lesson to show us where they may or may not be in our life. ‪#‎valued‬ ‪#‎growth‬


I feel valued, loved, respected, made time for, celebrated, and cared for. Very important for me to help keep me nourished and guided on my journey of fulfilling my purpose. As I do for my peeps the best I can.


Who supports and cares for you?? If you can’t think of 1 or a couple of friends then its time to start finding ones who do/will!

Thank you to my special friends! I love you very much!




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