Evil Spirits VS Attorney

Evil Spirits VS Attorney- who would win? The attorney! After all the chaos and fuss about the work that I do and the huge fear they had of the “evil spirits” I would bring to her professional building has since changed upon receiving the letter from lawyer. Interesting, huh! Guess I’m not so bad after all or at least the spirits aren’t so scary anymore…


Fortunately, I have decided to continue looking for a more warm and welcoming office space where I am welcomed, valued, respected and appreciated for all that I do and who I am. Not out of a space of fear or force.


Thank you Universe for showing me that I deserve SO much better and that the new place will be even more FABULOUS than the previous space. I DESERVE way more than that and the Universe is showing me that. Thank Uni!


No Mas! Thank you very much! Moving onward and upward! Brookfield or Elm Grove Area… I’m Ready Universe. Thank you everyone for your kind words, support, well wishes and energy you’ve been sending my way! I truly appreciate and value every bit of it!


Justice always prevails and love leads the way, not fear!

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