End of the year Transitions

Every year I write this post as a reminder and an awareness of this vast, portal or opening, that happens from November into January of the new year.  A mass amount of animals and people begin to leave the earth plane and transition into the spirit world, heaven the great beyond or wherever your spiritual or religious views are. You’ll continue to hear, read and see more and more people and animals leaving rapidly from now until the end of January 2023. The veil between the earthly plane and spirit plane is very thin and that’s also why we feel our loved ones in the spirt plane more.

It's quite the phenomena and a painful process for many of us. Animals and people that seem fine will suddenly pass. It can be quite shocking to us when our loved ones unexpectedly leave us but it is in the grand scheme of things.  It may look painful to watch or animals or people transition but from what I’ve experienced on my own as well as what many, many souls have shared from the other side about the process of their death.

People and animals who have been aging or slowly dying from an illness or disease will decide to leave then. It is also in their souls contract to do so.  Even when we “know” it’s their time and they’ve suffered in their aging or disease, it’s still very challenging to honor that at times and let them go. It can also bring great relief to know they are no longer suffering and don’t want to be a burden anymore. There’s so many little nuances around death, grieve and transitioning on the earth without their physical presence.

For animals, we may seem like we’re “choosing” a certain day to let our animals go but in reality, our beloved animals “tell us when they’re ready” and then we make that final call to assist them.  Us humans can feel an extreme amount of guilt making that call but we don’t realize is that they already showed us by a look, an intuitive feeling, their lack of eating, drink or wagging their tail, no more kisses etc… that they’re ready to go. Again, it’s mostly done by subtle messages or very obvious crisis or physical appearance.  This takes a while to understand and we will tend to substitute would of, could of’s should of’s instead of the grieve on just missing them.

From my experience and bearing witness, that people or animals are spared significant pain before their death and their spirit tends to be out and above their physical body before that last string of their spirit is connected to their physical body leaves. I’ve seen this countless times, well before my beloved Maple’s passing.  I’ll walk into a room of someone in a coma and see their spirit above their bed.  Or animals spirit already above their body as their humans grieve their physical body before the last shot to finally put their body at ease. People that have passed in tragedy, impacts, accidents etc… were already up and out of their body. Their body may still make noise, have physical reactions and releases as their spirt leaves but again, they’re already out of their body by then.  Again, this is from my experience.

In the final stages of death, it can be a very beautiful thing to witness and feel but also excruciating painful when it’s our own loved ones in that process.  I’m not writing this to try to take away your pain or grief but to hopefully add a little understanding of the process of the bigger picture, especially if your loved one passes away unexpectedly, that it was planned. Their soul already knew of their passing and took this opportunity to leave with many others. 

I believe and know to be true, that our loved ones in the spirt plane, humans and animals, greet our loved ones when they cross over into the spirit realm/heaven.  They don’t have to have known each other on the earth to know them in the spirit plane.  Even old neighbors, childhood friends, relatives, animals all gather to say hello.  It’s like a big fricken party and family reunion in the spirt plane. They are immediately painfree and restored back to wholeness and oneness.

Each year the vibration of the new year raises and we all collectively, consciously and unconsciously, begin to rise up to meet that new year vibration. Some souls are unable to rise to that vibration and chose to take their exit. It can be easy or quite painful on all levels as we move into the new year for those still on this earthly realm. There is no easy way to go through it but to just be as present as you can through it, be gentle with yourself, have a good support system, and try to journal each day of your feelings and emotions. I find that to be very helpful when I do that. 

No matter how many times you’ve gone through this process before it’ll still feel challenging. Old stuff from other loved ones passing may come up for a little more healing too. That’s why it’s so important to surrounds yourself with compassions and support.

Also, please remember there are 5 stages of grief and that we constantly rotate between them. Grief groups, for people and animals are extremely helpful too! You may also want to do some sort of ceremony to honor your loved ones. You may do that ceremony or letter writing as often as you feel the need to.

I hope this helps bring a little more comfort and understanding of this process and gain a little more perspective that it is truly out of our hands and there was nothing more we could have or were supposed to do, that includes suicides. That is a very sensitive and touchy topic that I won’t get into on this post.

Just know our human and animal family in spirit are fully restored, pain free, happy and at peace. They want us to be too!

Here’s a helpful link on how to help navigate your through this grieving process.  I pray for your peace and comfort and to feel their love for you during this challenging time too!





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