Emergency/ Earlier Appointment

Do You Need a Little Extra Guidance or Support?


“Emergency appointments or earlier appointments” don’t have to be an actual crisis. Sometimes life throws us a curveball and we need some extra insight on a situation. One of the animals may be starting to act up and throwing off the home dynamic. You may have a sudden shift at work and need help reassuring the fur family the new schedule change etc… Or YOU need some extra support and direction… That’s what this is for.


There may be many reasons for an ‘earlier/emergency appointment' and I do my very best to accommodate these sessions within a few days depending on my schedule, but not always available. 


The ER appointments get scheduled directly through me so please contact me directly. The ER fee is an additional $50 and is usually only for the 20 minute or 30 minute appointment time frame and also needs to be paid and confirmed right away to reserve that space. 


Please email at skanimalz2@yahoo.com or call me  414-460-4781


Please remember I do my best to accommodate these appointments when I can but not guaranteed right away.


Thank you!

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