Community Spotlight Article in Natural Awakenings Magazine

Yahoooo!!! I am thrilled to announce that I was chosen for the Community Spotlight in Natural Awakenings Magazine for the December issue! Thank you Gabi for asking me and thank you Sheila for writing such a beautiful article of this path I was unknowingly destined for. 


There are so many people who guided, mentored, nudged, pushed me and instilled courage in me when I didn’t think I had any in me or felt unworthy of these gifts or this path.


The road to here was definitely not an easy one, with lots and bumps along the way, but it fulfills my soul on so many levels. I’ve learned so much and will continue to for there is so much to learn and animals are the BEST TEACHERs to learn from and with.# mytribe #lovemyjob #thebestjobevea 


Thank you so much for this beautiful opportunity! I’m so grateful…

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