Coming Full Circle

I just had to share what a fun, fascinating and great night tonight I had at a business networking meeting. It also was a great reminder of where I started over 10 years ago. There were several God wink moments that I enjoyed as well.


My business started from nothing, from scratch really and climbed my way up the latter. I started for free. Practiced for free. Then little by little I was pushed my teachers to step out of my comfort zone and to start changing. I feel like I kicked and screamed most of the way, trying to avoid my calling, and all the while having amazing teachers gently, sometimes not so gently, guiding my way. If not for them I definitely wouldn’t be where I am at today. Thank you!


I took “business classes,” yes, business classes on how to do my biz successfully and professionally. I took classes on how to build my own website, how to learn media tools and skills, and had mentors all around slowing building me up. Some business mentors never had “someone like me” before so they weren’t sure how to help or promote my biz since I wasn’t conventional. It lead to very interesting conversations to say the least.


One of the lead men, who was there tonight, couldn’t believe it’s been 10 years and still had to give me shit, in a nice way. He hazed me from day one, took a few jabs at me and my biz, but I kept on trucking right along. Lord only knows where I got the strength and tenacity from back then because I hit a lot of roadblocks, sarcasm and a lot of fear, on both sides, along the way. The Universe had my back for sure!


He shook my hand and hugged me when I was leaving and complimented me again on my business and what I do. Also, commenting that he was only kidding when joking about what I do. I do know. I know and feel his love and admiration for me as well as a lil bit of fear, which makes ME giggle. LOL
A beautiful God wink moment of coming full circle…


A “corporate” man came up to my table and said “I don’t really believe anything you do really and I don’t need it, but…” Had to take a lil jab at my because of his insecurity, didn’t take it personal. Then he asked me for my “opinion or free advice” about his animal at home… LOL!

Whatever makes you feel better dude! God wink…


Another woman came up to me who mentioned her previous animal communicator who passed away, Rebecca. She’s always around me giving me signs. Thank you Rebecca! God wink…


Another great part of the night was having a lovely business woman come up to me at the end of the night to congratulate me for being authentic on what I do and offer. She was also gifted in some of things I do but only promoted the corporate side in which she was most comfortable in. Even though she uses part of her intuition for her corporate skill set she said It gave her courage to think about encompassing what she knows on the intuitive side to allow those to merge a bit. I was very honored and humbled to be the light she needed to shine her light brighter. She helped ME to give me the validation of my journey. God Wink…


For that’s what we are truly here to do is to serve and be a light for others to see and shine brightly themselves. We’re all here to serve, love, laugh, and heal. No one better than the other. We all have gifts and skill sets to use and share. To feel valued and important.


Be YOU! Be every bit of you. Be the light and shine brightly for others to see so that you may give them the courage to shine!


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