Cat Probiotic Treats

I picked these bad boys up at bark n scratch last month n my kids luv em! They stopped taking their probiotics n fish oil so I’m forever rotating them to c what works. Quite irritating n expensive but my kids are worth it, especially since one of my kids has IBS, so that’s even more important to have and use!


Gut health is SO important for animals, cats n dogs, and they have many options nowadays. Probiotics are a necessity. 


2 common ones: pumpkin n raw goat milk


Pumpkin, canned and dehydrated- cats are over that!
Raw Goat milk- frozen and reconstituted, sometimes for them.
Fermented fish stock- haven’t gotten myself to try it for some reason, like I’m repulsed by it for them which signifies to me they wouldn’t like it but that may change later.


It’s great for animals that are constipated, have diarrhea and an overall probiotic to consistently keep their bellies in good harmony.


What have you tried?


My cats love this and this is a trusted link



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