Cancellation Notice, Policies and Guidelines


I require at least a 24 hour cancellation notice, as most businesses do. I may be a non-traditional business but I AM A PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS WOMAN. Life does happen but there is common courtesy and respect for appointments and other peoples time. Plus, an “I’m sorry” goes a long way and shows that you’re acknowledging the inconvenience and my time to say the least.


Life does happen but there are definitely ways to handle things. I am SO grateful for my clients who respect and value my time. I’ve missed appointments but I have also been more then happy to pay for my appointments because I value that persons time and gifts. That’s only the right thing to do! If that client makes the payment even though they missed the appointment, all is forgiven and let’s reschedule. Period! Kudos and love all around…


I require prepayment with the clients who forgot or cancel last minute and sometimes people are put off by that and don’t come back, which is fine. They make room for people who do respect and value not only my time but their own time for growth and healing.


Respect and common courtesy make the world go round and provides good karma. I love what I do and the ability to help people and animals but boundaries, guidelines, policies and ethics are important piece of that too, business and personal. I am SUPER grateful that I rarely have to go through this but I feel this needs to be addressed again, especially during this very intense Mercury Retrograde. (A planetary thing…)


In love and deep gratitude for my peeps!


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