Beyond the rainbow bridge

The rainbow bridge is a metaphor of animals crossing over in to the spirit plane by being chauffeured across this glorious rainbow bridge where they are greeted by other humans and animals who have passed onto the spirit plane before them.


What happens after an animal passes away?


From my experience I will see a white outline of their spirit body or a beautiful luminescent white ball of light lift up out of their physical body and float above it in such a peaceful and grace way.


It can be a very beautiful and peaceful experience for them. There is no pain or suffering as they leave their physical body.  It’s a sense of euphoric bliss.  A state of being as they are in heaven or the spirit plane as some like to call it or visualize it.


Even animals who may have passed away in a tragic accident are normally already out of their body before the impact takes their life.  Sometimes you may hear an animal gasp for breath, whmper or yelp in pain, that can be their spirit lifting out of their body at that very moment.  It may sound or seem painful but from what they showed me it’s like a rubber band being stretched to the very limit before it snaps and breaks. So it may sound painful to us but the animal feels nothing.  The visual of the animal already floating above their body and the last thread connecting to it gently releases right as they make their last sound.


Some animals in spirit chose to linger around their body after the euthanasia to assist their humans with their grieving process. Sometimes their spirit moves in and out and around their humans like soft, cool breezes caressing their face, skin and even their humans soul.  Their people can often express a feeling of calm that they didn’t have before that came out of no where. Or their humans get a “knowing” that their animal friend is right by them, whether they are at home or even at the vet clinic.  They’ll even chose to float home with their people in the car as they make their way home.


The spirit plane is just a millimeter away from the earthly plane. Some describe it as a slight shift of perception from the physical to close their eyes and sense the spiritual presence immediately.  Sometimes ones grief blocks all the softness, love and presence of their animals soul that are now trying to convey their freedom and peace. It’s common for that huge loss and sometimes painful grief floods the peacefulness to regret, sadness and hurt.


Not one animal that I’ve communicated with has ever conveyed that they were angry at their human companions for their departure, even with severe illness, behavior issues or old age.  A lot of animals communicate that they animal themselves chose their date or time of their passing even when their human friend scheduled the time of the euthanasia.  The animal has clearly communicated telepathically by a thought, image or feeling that “they” were ready and somehow their human understood that message and complied, even when their person wasn’t consciously aware of how they did it.


The beloved animals in the spirit plane will show me pictures and feelings of what happened when the animal was being put to sleep or after they physically left their body.  If they were at home on their favorite blanket surrounded with their favorite people and vet.  Or if the animal took it upon themselves and chose to pass away in their sleep.  Even them eating their last meal before their release of their body.


Animals can actually chose the way the pass and will sometimes take that responsibility off of their human  and go on their own.  Other fur friends will ask and need assistance to leave their physical body because they’re in too much pain or that they love their human personal too much and it’s too hard for them to leave on their own because of that emotional attachment. There have been other animals who have chosen to walk off to the woods and pass on their own and most humans never find their  animals physical bodies because it would be too hard on their people. It never ceases to amaze me how animals take it upon themselves and leave on their own terms.


Also, animals in spirit can be in multiple places with multiple people who may share similar experiences or similar feelings that the received a sign of feeling that they were around.  Sometimes their humans will feel their presence in the car with them as they’re driving. Or feel them as they walk down the old path or in the dog park that they used to walk when the animal friend was alive. I’ll receive constant validations from clients that they could have sworn they saw them run into the kitchen for breakfast or dinner like they used to but then they disappeared fro their physical sight again.  


It’s like a shadow out of the corner of your eye, down the hall, on their favorite place to lie, chasing the other fur friend in the house for some light, fun-hearted play.  The things you can’t explain but just have a feeling or sense that they are there.  They’ll sometimes share that NOW they can sit in the front seat with their humans where as before in the physical form they were unable to.


They’ll show me romping in an open field with some of their furry friends who passed away before them, meeting up with other humans in the spirit plane, swimming in open water with a stick or ball in their mouth, or eating their favorite food or ANY food,   especially if they were on a limited diet.  Once a dog showed me a squirrel in it’s mouth while it was in the spirit plane and the squirrel was fussing and moving about in a playful way as the dog proudly stated “now, I finally have a squirrel and I can’t get yelled at anymore!”  Their human laughed out loud and cried at the same time as they validated that their dog was so fascinated by squirrels but was never able to catch one.


In closing, please know and allow peace in your hearts that even though your furry friends are no longer on the physical plane with you to physically touch or see but know that they still are around you even if you can’t feel them all the time.  They know how much they were and are loved. Please be at peace knowing they are pain-free, happy, doing things that they love or were no longer able to do towards the end of their life and can do anything else they chose to do.  Also, know that your beloved fur babies are guiding and assisting you and your family as you grieve this huge loss and that their love carries you on until it’s time for you to meet again.



05/12/2022 by Infipse

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