Being “Sensitive”

I have been called “too sensitive” most of my life like it was a bad thing and I thought it was. I’m sure many of you reading this, like me, were/are called sensitive. Own it, claim it, and let it empower you! Now, I know it is a good thing and it makes me who I am, personally and professionally. I was always called too sensitive to people, places, things and especially for taking things too personal. Well, I could feel when things were directed at me so I did tend to take them personal. Now, I’m learning to let that go or call people on their stuff if it is appropriate.


Being Sensitive has it’s ups and downs but I still chose to embrace it instead of running from it. Now, I’m VERY clear to myself and others if I am able to handle a movie, party, or event without trashing myself energetically afterwards. Those type of intense energies linger in my mind and body for a while so I chose to make it a positive experience to begin with. Most people are very accepting of it while others have challenges with understanding where I’m coming from because they’re completely shut down and disconnected.


I am aware of things that I am able to do or not able to do because of the “energy” of the event. Whether it’s a party, concert, fair, game, a class, and being aware of the people attending the event etc… I have to mentally and energetically prepare myself for that event so I am consciously aware of my body and surroundings. There are times I forget and come home and I’m completely wiped out!


I’m mindful to turn myself off and on, like a light switch, so I don’t walk around picking up peoples energy or of the environments energy otherwise it drains me. Plus, I want to feel normal or human and don’t want to perform all the time. It becomes exhausting and I begin to feel hyper vigilant all the time. Things still happen and I can sense things but I don’t try to, like other people may think I do.


Being “sensitive” to t.v. programs, movies, people I’m sitting next to, words being spoken to me or others… it’s all energy and it all carries “intent” or the message of things. I do know when people are lying or trying to BS me. Sometimes I will call them on it or just make mental note to myself so I prepare myself how to be around that person. When people offer me advice or make an offer of sorts to me, I can feel and see that persons intent, pure or not. Most of you do too but you’re not always aware of it.


Have you ever met someone and immediately felt like you couldn’t trust them? Or that someone had a bad temper? Walked into a house and you knew it was haunted and gave you the creeps? Intuitively you “knew” by the energy of that person, place or thing… Now you just need to “listen” more. Your body and intuition is communicating with you all the time! (I’m using quotations for you to really absorb these words and bring them to your consciousness so you begin to be more aware of them and that is what will help you grow.)


Hopefully this blog will help you to embrace your “sensitivity” as a good thing and nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. Don’t take on other peoples negativities or energetic digs. It’s THEIR stuff, NOT YOURS!!! Otherwise you make it yours. You’re just more connected to the energies around you, your body and your intuition letting you know what is best for you. Please keep an open mind and learn how to use it for your highest good. You’ll be better for it and your life will change for the better. Enjoy your sensitivity and embrace it!


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