Article on animal sensitivities to energy

Animals are very sensitive and energetically intuitive beings. During many of my animal communication sessions the animals are taking on the energy of the environment, their human and animal friends physical and emotional issues, which creates a bigger problem for all concerned. Therapy animals are extremely sensitive and tend to take in all of that and it builds and builds until unfortunately, something happens to bring their humans attention to it. That’s why it’s SO Important to keep them clear and protected PRIOR and AFTER a therapeutic visit.


I’m so honored to have been able to write an article in our local FETCH magazine about it and helping their humans find the proper tool to use to clear the environment and their animals energy field.


It’s on page 37 of FETCH. It’s not updated digitally on the website yet but it’s getting there.


Thank you! I hope this helps you and your furry friends to stay safe and healthy on all levels.

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