Anniversary of my Grandmothers passing

Today marks the year anniversary of my spicy ol’ shits departure to the spirit plane to reunite with her beloved husband Ray and many, many others. She passed away peacefully at 98 1/2 years young. She was delighted in the fact to almost live to be 100 years old so she would meet the president of the United States because of her age. She was so cute and inspirational!


It was hard for her to outlive many of her siblings, husband and dear friends. That was very hard on her, especially her sidekicks: Gladys and Helen. She still drove until she was 87 or 89 years old. She also had both knees done in her 80’s as well and recovered so much quicker than people half her age as doctors would say.


Her favorite thing in the world besides her family was playing cards, dice and farting. We’d see her shoulders and body start shaking and tears running out of her eyes then we’d know she farted. She loved it! My grampa would get so mad at her and say act like a lady San! But that gave her so much joy and you had to laugh with her.


We love and miss her dearly and all adjusting through her absence in our own ways. Today marking her day of freedom and I applaud my sassy old bag for living such a full life. Luv u grams!


Luv ur lil shit

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